Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 6 Number 1

Anzio, 1914, WaterlooD_Day, Tactics II, Gettysburg, The Mathematics of the CRT, 100 Games a Year by Mail, The Figure of Merit Falacy, Club of the Month, Loser's Syndrome.

Volume 6 Number 2

Anzio, Blitzkrieg, Waterloo, A Philosophy of PBM, Psychoanalysis _ Part 2, A PBM Alternative, The Mathematics of the CRT _ Part 2, Club of the Month.


Volume 6 Number 3

TUF, TUF_ABET, Blitzkrieg, Anzio, Stalingrad, Midway, Gettysburg, 1914, D_Day, Smash the Enemy and Keep Rolling, Retunn to Armageddon, On a Tactical Level, Jutland + 1914.

Volume 6 Number 4

D_Day, Jutland, 1914, Play Blance & Realism, The Strategy od Defense, The Automatic Victory, Fire Power, Hit and Hold.


Volume 6 Number 5

Tactics II, D_Day, Jutland, Gettysburg, Stalingrad, Blitzkrieg, Anzio, Combat Results Sans Luck, Club of the Month, S&T Lives, When Artillery is Effective, Strategic Breakthrough, On Calculated Risks.

Volume 6 Number 6

Stalingrad, Midway, Blitzkrieg, D_Day, Jutland, The Intelligence Factor, Combat Results Equalibriated, Is Simultanious Movement Necessary?, Delayed Return Move.