Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 5 Number 1

Waterloo, D_Day, Battle of the Bulge, Blitzkrieg, Guadalcanal. The Game Designer: A vanishing breed?, Maps of the Coal Age Man, Aftermath of Victory, On Strategic Defense, Kounter Kunst.

Volume 5 Number 2

1914, Jutland, Gettysburg, Profile of a Wargaming Club, On Strategic Defense _ part 2, Nuclear Psycology & Facts, The "Peace In" at Avlon Hill.


Volume 5 Number 3

1914, Jutland, Le Mans, Battle of the Bulge, Waterloo, Stalingrad, Success Thru Patience, "Simultaneous Hidden" Movement.


Volume 5 Number 4

1914, Jutland, Stalingrad, Battle of the Bulge, Blitzkrieg, Guadalcanal, Afrika Korps, Use of the Blitz Tactic, Victory by Default, Time_Saver Tips, PBM Mistakes _ Rulings, The War Game.

Volume 5 Number 5

Afrika Korps, Management, Battle of the Bulge, Blitzkrieg, Midway, Bismarck, Stalingrad, Waterloo, Wargamer's Pot Pourri.

Volume 5 Number 6

Battle of the Bulge, Afrika Korps, Waterloo, Bismarck, Husbands and Wives, Realism Playability _ Take Your Pick, Fun with Tech Talk.