Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 24 Number 1

Advanced Squad Leader, ASL Streets of Fire, Russian Campaign, Firepower, 6th Fleet, NATO, Russian Front, Panzergruppe Guderian. Inserts: 2 ASL Scenarios.


Volume 24 Number 2

Advanced Squad Leader, Battle of the Bulge, Third Reich, D_Day, Fortress Europa. Insert: 4 Advanced Squad Leader Scenarios.


Volume 24 Number 3

Diplomacy, Hitler's War, Empires in Arms, Dark Emperor. Insert: 2 ASL Scenarios.

Volume 24 Number 4

Raid on St. Nazaire, Advanced Squad Leader, Fortress Europa, Third Reich, Interview: Bill Peschel. Insert: 2 ASL Scenarios.


Volume 24 Number 5

Britannia, Caesar at Alesia, Caesar's Legions, Gladiator, Advanced Civilization, Siege of Jerusalem, Kingmaker, Magic Realm. Insert: Game Ratings.


Volume 24 Number 6

Thunder at Casino, B_17, Squad Leader, Anzio, PanzerGruppe Guderian, Third Reich. Insert: 1ASL Scenario.