Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 20 Number 1

Advanced Squad Leader, Victory in the Pacific. Insert: Game Ratings

Volume 20 Number 2

Titan, Magic Realm, Robin Hood, Advanced Squad Leader, Guns of August, Diplomacy, Rune Quest, Panzer Leader. Insert: Panzer Leader Paratrooper Counters

Volume 20 Number 3

Frederick the Great, Panzer Blitz, Diplomacy, Conquistador, Down with the King. Insert Frederick the Great Counters


Volume 20 Number 4

Freedom in the Galaxy, Starship Troopers, Amoeba Wars, Dune, Diplomacy, Squad Leader, Blitzkrieg, Kingmaker.

Volume 20 Number 5

Bull Run, Diplomacy, Gettysburg, Gunslinger, Little Round Top, Source Of The Nile, Wooden Ships & Iron Men. Insert: Squad Leader

Volume 20 Number 6

Air Force, B_17, Bull Run, Dautless, Diplomacy, Fortress Europa, Guns Of August, Luftwaffe, Midway, Panzer Leader, Squad Leader. Insert: B_17 additional aircraft.
Plus _ Victory Insider.