Avalon Hill _ General magazine project

Volume 14 Number 1

Caesar At Alesia, The Russian Campaign, Luftwaffe, Third Reich, Arab_Israeli Wars,
Afrika Korps, Panzer Leader. Stapled Insert: p19, p20 _ Contest: Afrika Korps.

Volume 14 Number 2

Kingmaker, Alexander, Squad Leader. Loose Insert: Kingmaker Contest.

Volume 14 Number 3

Arab_Israeli Wars, The Russian Campaign, Third Reich,
Stalingrad, War At Sea, Panzerblitz. Loose Insert: War at Sea counters, Contest: Arab_Israeli Wars.

Volume 14 Number 4

Victory In The Pacific, Victory at Sea, Richthofen's War, Third Reich, Stalingrad, Jutland, 1776. Insert: Victory at Sea Maps, Victory In The Pacific contest.

Volume 14 Number 5

Squad Leader, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, The Russian Campaign, Midway, Starship Troopers, Passing In Review. Insert: Squad Leader contest.

Volume 14 Number 6

D_Day, Victory In The Pacific, Panzer Leader, Caesar's Legions, Tobruk. Insert: D_Day contest.