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Reference CD's and DVD's

We sent you 5 discs and you can only read one of them in your computer?

First, most of these are DVD's and require a DVD drive to read them. Look at the front of your drive - it needs to have DVD printed on it, otherwise its just a CD reader. It doesn't matter how many replacement discs we send, you will never be able to read them in that drive.

Next: Your web browser may have some setting that is preventing you from loading the file - perhaps you should try FireFox? That works well for us. Ever since Microsoft welded the web browser to the operating system you have a reason not to ues their web browser - when viruses screw up the browser, your operating system is screwed up also.

All the discs have a Windows auto launcher (since Windows won't auto load a web browser to view an HTML page) The auto launcher only works on windows, and some versions of windows won't like it - 64bit XP comes to mind. At least Mac and Linux people can just open the HTML file manually to get to the files.

The files are in Adobe PDF format (v7.0) so you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Find out what version of Adobe Acrobat you are using? You need to have it installed to view the PDF files. I would recommend, if the disc reads the first webpage, use the link on it to go to the Adobe website and install at least version 7 of Acrobat Reader.

Next: Use some sort of file browser to get a directory off the drive. You should be able to see the 6 PDF files on it. Try to open one by double clicking on it. (once you have Adobe installed). If you can't see any files on the disc, and you have a DVD drive, there must be some other problem (blank disc? rare, but it does happen)

Sometimes drives go bad, but read some disc's OK. This is because the actuator arm is not capable of reaching all the tracks on the media. I guess the arm gets arthritis? Replace the DVD drive.

HP Pavillions are notorious for under equipping memory on their computers. Often they use the minimum amount then steal from it for the on board video. You might need more memory, these PDF's are quite large, and may even fill your swap file up on the hard drive, so make sure you have free space on the hard drive too.

Try the DVD's in another computer, you might take your computer to a computer store and see if they can read the Disc and maybe they can tell you why you can't. Try a retailer first, they want to sell new computers and should be able to check a disc for you as a demonstration.

If you have bad media (a bad disc) please return it so we can figure out why. We'll send a good replacement and some sort of bonus to cover your shipping cost.

Send us an email if you are having problems - we always return email right away. If you arn't getting any response from us - check your spam filter, contact your ISP, check your account settings, etc. We are sending, you must not be recieving. sales@ahgeneral.org