The Longest Day Game

Game Parts

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Reference DVD

This Avalon Hill Longest Day reference DVD has everything you need to make your game playable! -

1st & 2nd edition Game Rules in PDF format, plus Q&A, Eratta, etc.
Game charts, counters, variant counters, player aid sheets
All 7 Maps of the game boards.
A PDF with all the Avalon Hill General magazine articles in it for this game.

As an additional bonus we've included 98 pages of game articles from The BoardGamer, Moves, Campaign, Phoenix, and Grenadier. Plus an update of Joe Osentoski's article - Mambo #5 (now Mambo #6) and a new article of his called Inverse, never before published!

This is a very nice to have addition for the game with scenarios, variant counters, and additional rules, commentary, and discussion.

Very special thanks to Joe Osentoski for his numerous contributions that helped make this DVD possible, and to Bruce A. Monnin of The BoardGamer for allowing us to reproduce the articles from his publication.

The free book link below is to a US Army historical site with archival material.

Link to a Free Book


Game Counters

The many sheets of counters for this game makes it impracticle for us to re-engineer them and offer them in a laminated re-printed form. However, since several people have asked, we have developed a multi layer template that you can use to copy and paste individual counters to a printable sheet. Simply set up the template the way you want it, merge all the visible layers, copy, and then paste it to your print sheet. Then un-do the merged layers and go on to make the next counter. Very time consuming for this entire set, but if you want to do the artwork, we will print and mount them for you.

This template is updated occasionally, make sure you have the latest version, and if you make changes to it, please send them to us so we can update the file.

The Template File: LINK

We have our diecutter grid template you can drop the counters onto here: LINK

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Player Aid Sheets

This set of player aid sheets facilitates setup for The Longest Day by consolidating the reinforcements and remnants onto two sheets. This saves you considerable table space (which must be at a premium after you've laid out the game boards). Now you can use these two cards and not have to use the tri-fold scenario sheets.

These charts are full color, with the individual unit markings readable, laminated, and 3-ring hold punched.

Lamination not only adds durability, but allows you to use a sharpie to mark off the units as you need to. When finished, a little alcohol on a paper towel cleans the marks right off!

If you play the game, you probably would like these charts.

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Game Map

We put all 7 maps on a single sheet measuring 36x68. Cherbourg is cut seperately and needs to be attached, but otherwise its one wall mountable laminated sheet. (Sharpies, dry erase markers, and Grease pencils will work on it and come off - Sharpie requires 99% alcohol to remove.)

This map is printed on 46lb chart paper at 535dpi. (we have to keep the file under 2gig to print it). The map looks good, it is based on actual scans of original map boards. Most of the allignment problems have been worked out, but there are some minor issues - Board E mostly.

This map has never been offered like this before, just think of the possibilities!