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You can have the high resolution version of this map for free! We're not going to print it unless you want it - it has a design flaw in it.

The PB/PL/AIW game set uses 250 meters per hex as the scale. The scale on this map is 10 time that - 2.5K per hex. The real Panzer Leader map of Alexandria would take more htan 12 map sheets to cover. Really not an option for an open re-arrangeable map system the game is played with.

We had to drop the North Africa city series as the next set we were planning. Tobruk would need 12 maps just to make it look right! This map could be used for other purposes tho, but we haven't thought of any as yet. If you want the rights and original artwork let us know, they are pretty cheap.

It is a nice Panzer Leader map, and would fit in with the others we created.

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