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Reference CD

This Avalon Hill reference CD has everything you need for Civilization and Advanced Civilization!

Both games rules in PDF format
Game charts, counters, and cards.
Variant Cards and Map
A map of the game board

Plus - A PDF with Avalon Hill General magazine articles in it!

This is a very nice to have addition for the game with scenarios, variant counters, and additional rules, commentary, and discussion.

The 18 player Dawn of History v1.0 rules re-write is finished! The free downloadable PDF file is here - Link
These rules are much clearer and easier to read, some logical changes have been made to keep the vast number of calamities in check. The barbarian entity now has some new direction and capabilities. Rules for some new advancement cards heve also been introduced.

A document from CivProject.net has been updated with scenarios for the fewer than 18 player games. Including detailed rules for 1 and 2 player games. Now you can play the 1 player game! LINK

Here are the Single Player Game maps: LINK

Try a web version of the Civ game for multi-players: LINK

Other Printed Items

Camelot Games Co. Has other printed items for this game. Check their web page by clicking the image on the left.