1914 Game

Game Parts

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Reference CD

Bonus material! - SPI's test series Tannenberg game included, as well as 1914 Revision Kit!

Game Rules in PDF format
Game charts, log pads, and counters
A full size 600dpi JPG map of the game board

Plus - A PDF with Avalon Hill General magazine articles on it

This is a very nice to have addition for the game with scenarios, variant counters, and additional rules, commentary, and discussion.

Link to a Free Book

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Original Game Map

This game map has been recreated from scans of the original game board at 600dpi. It has been printed on 24lb bond coated paper, and laminated. This map measures 22x28.

This map is mailed in a cool black shipping tube, with plastic ends so it will not get folded or damaged in transit.

Other Printed Items

Camelot Games Co. Has other printed items for this game. Check their web page by clicking the image on the left.