Avalon Hill General Project
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Reference CD's and DVD's

The Gettysburg DVD is on our list now, some items are done but lots remains, there were 4 versions of the game! We are also going to try to push out v26 this summer. Its almost done, and its been waiting for a long time.

General Magazine Volumes

Our Konica C353 BizHub has an 11x17 full duplex scanner built into it. We can remove the staples and scan an entire issue in a few minutes at 600dpi. Not much cleanup is necessary. v27 is scanned and cleanup will begin in earnest this fall.

Printed Items

Working feveriously on Stalingrad III cards and counters. A rules re-write is also in the works. Its been great working with Fred on this one, and having a sanctioned re-release of the variant is going to be great.

New counters for Midway are in the works - we have all the deck plans for all the navies of WWII and plan to offer a printed set later this summer. Work on our variant - Raid on Ceylon should follow along with an Hawaiian Islands map for Midway. Counters for WAS, VITP, and WAS2 will be on our list. Thinking about Bizmarck 2nd edition style counters for Blitzkrieg. If you have any thoughts on them let us know.

Other Stuff

We have 2 die-presses working and 2 more on the way later this summer. Newest dies are for Jutland and Civilization. Customers just love our die-cut counters!