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Thomas Stevenson has taken on the task of turning the 4th scenario into a computer game. This first scenario is finished. It is set up as a 2 player game by emailing the saved game back and forth to each player. It can also be played solitare and hot seat. A detailed PDF is available from the link above that covers Play by Play of the scenario turns so you can get a feel for the game. The computer game comes free with every printed copy, and is an excellect way to quickly learn the game's mechanics and combat system. There is a lot of variability in the scenario and several subtle strategies can be learned and applied.

The second edition rules for Caesar in Gaul are finished and located here: LINK
Combat Results Table updated 3/22/12 and other charts and first edition scenarios are located here: LINK
The Winter and Combat Phases check list is located here: LINK
Errata for the second edition rules (10/13/13) is located here: LINK
Game Strategy Articles (8/23/12) are located here: LINK
Scenarios updated for 2nd edition (9/15/12) are located here: LINK

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The goal of this site is to make available each issue of Avalon Hill's General Magazine in electronic format for a nominal fee. We also reproduce game components for out of print games made by Avalon Hill. If you have questions about the Copyright Issues for doing this, check this link: The Copyright Question

This material will eventually be donated to Google, they already have in place a method by which any remaining copyright holders can be compensated. To date, none have come forward.